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In The Role of the Company Secretary, Jennifer Robertson FAICD examines how today’s company secretary plays a pivotal role in applying good governance principles to their organisation.

She delivers a compelling resource for those wanting to understand how to excel in the role, and thoughtfully examines how company secretaries can:

  • directly and indirectly influence quality decision making;
  • impact board succession and organisational culture;
  • manage with integrity the mixed dynamics of board and executive roles.

The book helps answer the question “how can I affect change in my interactions with the CEO, the chair and the board in order to deliver the benefits of good governance?”

Accordingly, and in many ways, it describes what many company secretaries already sense but have yet to articulate.

A key feature of the book is the use of verbatim insights from practicing company secretaries who ventured into unfamiliar governance scenarios – outlining how they fared, prospered or otherwise, and what they learned.

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