Board Matters Proud to Announce Biggest Board Development Project in its 20th Year

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The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency appoints Board Matters to three year governance professional development and evaluation partnership for National Boards

Board Matters is delighted to announce a three-year agreement with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) for governance professional development and board evaluations. Ahpra and the National Boards provide a vital service to the Australian community by regulating Australian registered health practitioners so communities can have trust and confidence in the health services they receive.

Consistent with the National Scheme’s purpose of ‘safe and professional health practitioners for Australia’, and a focus on ensuring governance excellence for the National Boards, Board Matters is delighted to be appointed to deliver a three-year bespoke program of integrated governance evaluation services and professional development.

The bespoke program will encompass two main interrelated components:

  • Board Effectiveness Reviews undertaken over a three-year period, will allow Ahpra and the National Boards to develop a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of each of the 15 Boards, providing insights for further board development and education.
  • The Professional Development Offering informed by these insights will be continuously delivered to the participants over the three years.

Our iterative approach to the governance professional development and regular board evaluation reviews is created with a view to secure tangible and lasting benefits for the 15 National Boards and individual board members. Our governance professional development and board effectiveness reviews are steeped in technology solutions which, when combined with our deep professional insights in providing development, inspires people to get the best out of themselves in their board roles as well as their boards.

To ensure a cutting-edge technological experience, Board Matters is partnering with two outstanding specialist providers for this program – Nasdaq Governance Solutions and Ambrose Business Solutions.

Board Matters’ professional education programme, developed with Ambrose Business Solutions delivers learning through a proven (and award winning) edu-tech experience providing board members with a consistent and conveniently accessible and on-demand foundational governance training experience.

Board Matters board evaluation offering will leverage world leading technology provided by Nasdaq Governance Solutions to deliver insights into the strengths and development opportunities for the National Boards, both individually and as a collective, across the three-year engagement. The Nasdaq technology provides visually compelling and rich insights into board performance. Over three years this is a highly effective way to measure progress and change year-on year (using qualitative and quantitative data).

“Ahpra and the National Boards provide such a vitally important service to the community. Board Matters is very proud to be selected as Ahpra’s chosen provider in this comprehensive and bespoke three-year governance engagement. Using a blend of Board Matters’ outstanding expertise together with technologically driven educational resources and evaluation techniques, we are confident of providing them with a purpose-built and meaningful professional development program.”
– said Jennifer Robertson, Managing Director of Board Matters.

At Board Matters, every client has unique needs. Our evaluations, governance professional development, advisory and evaluation offerings are tailored to take that into account. We pride ourselves on ensuring that client specific requirements are explored at the outset of any engagement and that our clients are heard and understood. Our 20 years of governance expertise provides a lengthy and impressive track record and is testament to our ability and focus on delivering a practical, value adding governance recommendations and client experience.

We thank Ahpra for their confidence in Board Matters and look forward to working with Ahpra and the National Boards on this important long-term engagement.

For Board Matters inquiries, please contact:
Jennifer Robertson

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