I am woman, hear me … supporting women to be seen AND heard.

I am woman, hear me … supporting women to be seen AND heard.  

There is a lot of debate right now about quotas for women, in politics on boards and the big end of town. 

Without doubt, having more women in positions of influence is a good thing, but how can we also support those women already there (and on their way there?) 

How do we help them be seen and heard? 

We’ve been thinking a lot about this recently at Board Matters (a company started two decades ago, and still to this day, owned and led by women – Elizabeth Jameson, Founder Consultant, and Jennifer Robertson, Managing Director).

We are now offering a one-on-one coaching proposition for executive and board-level women to build their executive presence. Be that coaching in how to do knock out and deliver memorable presentations, to ensuring their talents and input are heard around the board or executive table.

Led by Board Matters consultant, Linda Bracken who has over 30 years of media and communications experience, working with both on and off-air talent – from elite sportspeople, comedians, radio and TV presenters to CEO’s, Chairs and NEDS. Linda will tailor a program to your needs that is delivered in a one-on-one confidential and supportive environment.

You will learn how to bring your most authentic and powerful version of you, to conferences, AGM’s, board and staff meetings.

“It’s important for women to feel comfortable and confident to be themselves; not to feel like they need to ‘pretend’ to be something or someone other than their authentic self in the board room or in front of a conference. Being them is enough but let’s make sure that they are bringing the best of them."

And she promises you’ll have fun on the way.

Board Matters is built on helping organisations achieve great governance and board effectiveness, and so ensuring we are supporting everyone around that table to fulfil their potential is part of what we do.

And of course, diversity of thought and experience to ask the right questions is being recognised as one of the emerging must-haves for contemporary focussed boards.

If you think this approach might be valuable to help you achieve your potential and become more comfortable and confident in getting your voice out there, then get in touch to have an initial conversation with Linda to explore what value there might be in working together.

Contact Linda Bracken via Linkedin or l.bracken@boardmatters.com.au 

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